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Perfect jewels for your Bridal Affair

Well are you also going crazy for your big day??


You can shop online for your favourite designer necklaces and bridal lehengas and the best part about it is that you get to choose from a multitude. Every girl dreams to look perfect on her wedding day so here are some of the must have intricate jewellery that every girl should have in her treasure box for her big day-


  • DESIGNER NECKLACE- The designer necklace are a must have as they are exclusive. Adding to your D-Day wardrobe the designer necklace will be a perfect choice to opt for. Well wedding jewellery not only looks good but also has a cultural significance attached to it.
  1. If your lehenga has stone work done on it then KUNDAN Jewellery would look so much gorgeous on your neck, the stones on your designer necklace would reflect the light with a grace thus complementing your face with the perfect glow.
  2. For a heavy embroidered leghenga with plain blouse the CHOKER necklace would look just perfect. If the blouse has minimal work then a heavy looking choker necklace would look just perfect to style on your big day.
  3. PEARLS have always been a classic charmer in designer necklaces. If you are someone who wants a minimal and simple look for their big day then the pearls are the best fit for your designer necklace collection.
  4. The SILVER Designer jewellery will be a perfect fit for your designer necklace collection for your bridal affair, if your lehenga has silver embroidery and zari work then the silver designer necklace along with a minimal choker necklace will make everyone go in an aww.
  5. NAVRATAN is one a kind designer necklace as it consists of nine different coloured gemstones on it which not only look beautiful but also regal. These designer necklaces are usually long and were made famous again by Mira Rajput on her wedding.
  6. SATLADA necklace is a regal piece which means seven layers of jewels. This designer necklace is an exclusive regality, not only does it look good to the onlooker but also to the wearer.



The treasure box for your D-DAY should not just have a basic necklace but a piece of jewel which will steal the show. We wish you all the very happiness for your big days.

5 Essential Inclusions Of Your Hair Care Regimen

Hair care is one of the important rituals that go along with face care and body care. As your face or skin need daily moisture, optimum hydration, scrubbing, sun protection or heat protection, etc, your hair requires that too. 


Are you steady in your hair care rituals? Do you have the right products from the right brand? Do you prefer to use chemical excessed or natural hair care regimen?


Well, these are some of the facts that we are going to discuss today. Let’s have a look at the 4 essential of hair care regimen inclusions as suggested by the hair care professionals.


A Suitable Shampoo


Moisturizing shampoo: If you have a frizzy or dry hair which requires detangling now and then, use a moisturising shampoo once or twice a week. They typically don’t have ammonium or sodium lauryl sulfates and hence, stay gentle on your hair to make them super soft.


Anti Dandruff Shampoo: If you experience and itchy scalp and vigorous hair fall, there are chances that you have dandruff problem. Get yourself a gentle on scalp yet strong on dandruff natural and handmade Anti dandruff shampoo from Tjori. Don’t forget to use a leave-on conditioner or gentle serum after cleansing your hair.


Moisturizing Deep Conditioner


A good hair care regimen must include a natural moisturizing conditioner as well. Following the shampoo, a moisturising deep conditioner rejuvenates the hair from deep within and relaxes every strand of hair after the outside stress (such as pollution, heat, etc.). You deep condition your hair once a week for up to 20 minutes.


Protein-based Treatments



These treatments are designed for rebuilding the hair strands. They work like a miracle when combined with high-moisture hair care regimen.


Choose a protein based treatment which is mild for light touch-ups. These are ideal for colour-treated hair, bleached hair and highly damaged hair. These re-constructors should be followed by a moisturizing deep conditioner in order to restore the natural hydration level of the hair.


Natural Oils


Natural hair growth oils, moisturising hair oil are some oil based products which lock the hydration inside the strands and enhance the pliability of your hair. Some of the best hair growth oils’ ingredients that are used since ages by us are olive oil, tea tree oil, neem oil, argan oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, safflower oil, rosemary oil, sweet almond oil, Vatika oil, etc. The natural form of these ingredients will give the best results.


Heat Reduction


Do you know that heat is like Lucifer to your hair?


Yes, heat is very destructive when it comes to your hair protein bonds and strength. It eats the natural moisture content in the hair as well leaving it dry, frizzy, dull and easily breakable. Reducing the use of heat and there are optimum chances of getting the life of your hair back.


Besides using a natural handmade hair growth oil, limit the use of heat on your hair. Use them only for special occasions and not when staying at home or event where styling of hair is less required.